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Dominique Smith as Heather


Dominique Smith was born in London, Ontario and has lived in St. Lucia, Calgary, Edmonton and Toronto. She aspired to be an actor from a very young age and remembers wanting to be all the different characters in the films she loved, like a private investigator, or a gymnast. As she grew up she realized that these were just some of the roles she wanted to play. It wasn't until High School that she realized she could be an actor as a profession.

Dominique has been constantly entertaining family and friends since she can remember, she was in her first play when she was only seven years old.

In High School, Dominique took an advanced drama program at Victoria School of the Arts. She took the three week and six week advanced acting program at the New York Film Academy in LA. Later, she attended York University for the theatre acting program and is now currently training at the Toronto Film School in acting for film and television. She has also attended several acting and improve workshops in New York.

Dominique has a background in dance, horseback riding, rock climbing, swimming, and is able to solve a rubrik's cube in under a minute and a half.


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