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Jonathan Robbins as Mr. Haddock


Jonathan Robbins spent most of his life in Toronto, Ontario. He grew up in the Beaches neighborhood and spent a couple of years when he was young in Horseshoe Bay BC, where he collected pop cans by the ferry terminal and brought them in to reap the deposits; his first job, so to speak.

Jonathan saw Robin Williams in "Good Morning Vietnam" and knew he wanted to act. It took until his second year of University to fathom that being an actor was actually a profession he could choose. As it happens, it kind of chose him, and his first acting job was with Robin Williams as a student in his "Good Will Hunting" classroom.

Jonathan has been acting as long as Matt Damon and Ben Affleck. He was a member of ACTRA for a while, and was doing a lot of commercials. He was losing interest in acting, without realizing it was because he wasn't doing interesting roles in films anymore. So he took up directing and writing and left acting behind. After he quit ACTRA and went non-union again, his career took off and he was reminded why he loved acting in the first place. Power to the artist.

Jonathan went to the University of Toronto for theatre, though his most useful training has been through Jock MacDonald, who teaches an intuitive mastery technique and really pulled the carpet out from under him.

Jonathan is actively involved in the web community, as Executive Director of the IAWTV Awards and creator and star of multiple web series. He has been a panelist at places such as San Diego Comicon, Marseille Webfest and various colleges.


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