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Kearsten Johansson as Maryssa

Kearsten Johansson grew up in a small Irish town; Erin, Ontario. It was in this small town she discovered her passion for performing. Throughout High School, the theatre quickly came to feel like home as Kearsten got involved in school plays, Shakespeare contests and short film festivals. During these years of development and exploration as an artist, she made a vow that no matter where life led her, she'd keep the stage beneath her feet. In Toronto, Kearsten trained at Toronto Film School, Second City, Armstrong Acting Studios & Sophie Ann Rooney Workshops. She has now been acting for over six hears and renews her vow each time she signs on for another project. Kearsten is thrilled to have this opportunity to join the Beyond Hell cast as Maryssa and wants to thank everyone involved for their continuous support and hard work.


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